Excuse my posture (2015)

Excuse my posture is a chair that can determine of users sitting with good or bad posture and provide feedback to encourage them to remain in good posture.

MetaSpace II (2015)

A social multi-person Virtual Reality system where users can see, hear, walk and feel.

Hands Free (2015)

An in-air hand gesture recognition system for mobile devices.

Functional Metallic Jewelry Tattoos: Fabrication process for functional and visual temporary tattoos (2015)

Inspired by an emerging fashion trend around temporary metallic jewelry tattoos, we developed a fabrication process that includes low cost, easily accessible materials to create temporary tattoos that are both functional and aesthetic. 

RingO: Robotic Jewelry (2015)

As we self-express though the things we wear, we are creating robotic jewelry that crawls and moves; changing its location and appearance as fitting to the wearer’s social scenario. We start with the initial prototype of a robotic ring.

Amphibian (2015)

Amphibian is a virtual reality system where user can experience the ocean environment in a convenient terrestrial setting.

Variable Reality II (2015)

This is a novel Augmented Reality (AR) based interactive system focused on bringing intuitive on-the-go reading experiences to the users by enabling always-available access to and presentation of any digital book contents in a complete spatial form of a book.

MetaSpace (2015)

A social Virtual Reality system with visual-motor synchrony and multi-sensory stimulation. 

Vibes (2015)

Vibes is a wearable wrist band which vibrates and emits light if the loudness of the sound around it is beyond a certain threshold, for use as a learning tool for those with hearing loss. 

Jog Call (2015)

We present a cooperative system that persuades co-located couples to engage in a collaborative physical activity like jogging.

NailO: Fingernails as an Input Surface (2014 - 2015)

NailO is a wearable input device in the form of a commercialized nail art sticker.

OnTheGo: gestural input for mobile & wearable devices (2014)

We compliment touch and voice based input by allowing interactions through in-air gestures around mobile & wearable devices.

Glass Ear (2014)

In this project, we designed and evaluated visualizations for spatially locating sound on a head-mounted display (HMD).

Back to the Desktop (2014)

In this project, we construct a virtual desktop centered around the smartphone display with the surface around the display opportunistically used for input. We use a 3-pixel optical time-of-flight sensor, Mime, to capture hand motion. 

iReality (2014)

A Spatial Data Retrieval System in Augmented Reality for Head-Mounted Displays. We attempt to restore a larger operational 3D space for spatially oriented digital information by associating it with physical objects and spaces.  

Activ8: Workplace fitness (2014)

Many of us spend long hours daily sitting in front of a host of electronic screens. We have designed is a set of micro game applications for Google Glass and Microsoft Kinect to save us from the perils of the "sitting disease."

Live Trace (2013 - 2014)

In this interactive experience we are interested in enabling quick input actions to Google Glass. The application allows users to trace an object or region of interest in their live view. The Live Trace app demonstrates the effectiveness of gestural control for head-mounted displays.


MugShots: A Mug Display for Front & Back Stage Social Interaction in the Workplace (2013 - 2014)

Mugshots is an exploration of objects for expressive communication in the workspace.


Spellbound: Mobile, social, activity-based play (2013)

Spellbound is a game that gets you moving. It explores the space between outdoor physical play and the fantastical worlds of video game play as a place to create new real-time social experiences. 

Mime (2013)

Mime is a compact, low-power 3D sensor for gestural interaction with head-mounted displays (HMDs). It introduces a real-time signal processing framework that combines a novel three-pixel time-of-flight (TOF) module with a standard RGB camera.

Loco-Radio (2013)

Loco-Radio is an AR auditory environment for car drivers, bikers, and pedestrians. The mobile user is able to tune in and listen to the surroundings.

InterTwinkles (2013)

InterTwinkles is a platform built from the ground up to help small democratic groups to do process online. It provides structure to improve the efficiency of specific communication tasks like brainstorming and proposals.

Spotz: Location-based self awareness (2012)

Spotz is an Android app that lets you tag places and things. It uses the tags to create playful shareable personas for people and places and allows you to find and get recommendations for cool and interesting things e.g. the best chocolate cake by following tags.  

Guiding Light (2012)

Guiding Light is a navigation assistance system that uses directions projected in the space itself to help people become better engaged in their environment and task domain. 

ROAR (2012)

ROAR is designed to allow very large groups of distributed spectators have meaningful conversations with strangers or friends while creating a sense of presence of thousands of other spectators. 

Point and Share (2011)

Point and Share is a system that enhances participation in collocated meetings by allowing users to employ traditional media (pen and paper) to author content on a shared interactive whiteboard.  

OnTheRun: A Location-Based Exercise Game (2011)

This project is a mobile phone application that transforms a run into an immersive game by presenting a series of story-based running tasks to motivate the player. 

Tin Can (2011)

In the Tin Can series, I explore ways of connecting both geographically remote and co-located groups using tablet-based applications to provide better awareness about the interests and attitudes of other people.